New York State Organization

Daughters of the American Revolution


As an historic preservation effort, the New York State Organization, NSDAR, has compiled a listing of historic markers that were placed by New York chapters.

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Marker placed by the Beulah Patterson Brown Chapter, 9/13/1924 

Location: Brown Settlement Cemetery, Brown Lane off Route 38, Berkshire.  

Type of Marker: DAR bronze plaque on boulder.

Marker Text: "Beulah Patterson Brown Jan 20, 1741- July 6, 1820 widow of Capt. Abraham Brown; placed by Beulah Patterson Brown Chapter DAR 1924;" unveiled by seventh generation descendants. 

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Marker placed by the Fort Greene Chapter, 11/14/1908.  Location: Prison Ship Martyr's monument, Fort Greene Park.  

Type of Marker: Monument.

Marker Text: Commemorating martyr's of the prison ships, association to build the monument was started by founder of Fort Greene DAR Chapter.

Marker placed by the Fort Stanwix Chapter, 6/30/1905

Location: Northwest corner of post office building

Type of Marker: Bronze DAR tablet.

Marker Text: The "Do-O-Wain-Sta" which is the Oneida Carrying Place forming connecting link between the waters of the north and south and from early times an important strategic point.

Marker placed by the Irondequoit Chapter, 3/1/1906, rededicated, 2006. Location: Mount Hope Cemetery, lot owned jointly by DAR and SAR, Rochester.

Type of Marker: boulder with oval plaque.

Marker Text: Commemorating spot where the remains of Captain Thomas Boyd, 4 fellow officers, his Oneida Indian guide, and 9 volunteer riflemen were reinterred; these men fell at Grovland, Livingston County on Sep 13, 1779.


Marker placed by the White Plains Chapter, 6/14/1910.  Location: County Courthouse.  Type of Marker: large DAR marker.

Marker Text: Site of the County Courthouse where on July 10, 1776 the Provincial Congress proclaimed the passing of the dependent colony and the birth of the independent State of New York.

Marker placed by the James Madison Chapter, 10/17/1924. Location: flagpole in center of park in center Hamilton.

Type of Marker: DAR plaque on boulder.

Marker Text: To the memory of those who defended the honor of our country in the War for American Independence 1776-1783 erected by James Madison Chapter DAR 1924.

Marker placed by the New York State Organization, 1926.  Location: Next to the Old Cadet Chapel, West Point Cemetery, U.S. Military Academy.

The marker sits above the remains of Margaret Corbin, first woman pensioner of the U.S. Army. This photo is from the NYSO Margaret Corbin Day wreath-laying in May 2006, the 80th anniversary of the re-burial and marker dedication.

Marker placed by the New York City Chapter, 10/15/2003.  Location: 15 East 65th St., Kosciuscko Foundation House, NY City.  

Type of Marker: DAR bronze marker.

Marker Text: "New York City Chapter NSDAR honors the memory of Polish-born Brigadier General Thaddeus Kosciuszko (1746-1817) a patriot of the American Revolution; planner of the fortifications at Bemis Heights, that contributed to the American victory on October 17, 1777, after the Battles of Saratoga; engineer appointed by the Continental Congress to oversee the fortifications of West Point, 1778-1780; He is as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known, and of that liberty which is to go to all, and not to the few and rich alone" Thomas Jefferson on T.K.; plaque dedicated October 2003.