New York State Organization

Daughters of the American Revolution


Chapters and state societies are encouraged to actively participate in historic preservation to preserve the past, recognize individuals or groups who voluntarily participate in historic preservation, and assist the National Society in cataloging all NSDAR owned properties.

Efforts by New York Daughters to meet our objective of Historic Preservation include:

New York State Room, Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D.C.

Ten Broeck Mansion --- New York State Room, Ten Broeck Mansion, Albany, NY.  The New York State Organization, NSDAR, furnishes and maintains a room on the second floor of Ten Broeck Mansion in 
Albany, New York, and has storage space on the third floor.

Valley Forge  --- Pennsylvania 

On April 18, 1953, the National Society dedicated the Valley Forge Memorial Bell Tower at Valley Forge after more than ten years of fundraising and building to house the Washington Memorial National Carillon.

The cornerstone inscription reads: This Tower is dedicated by the National Society,   Daughters of the American Revolution, to those patriots of the Revolutionary War whose faith and courage won and established American Freedom, and to those heroes of World Wars I and II who defended and preserved that blessed heritage.

Today the National Society continues to provide financial support for the maintenance of the tower, which includes its famous Rose Window portraying General Washington kneeling in prayer.

In addition to their financial support, the New York Daughters often make a pilgrimage to Valley Forge.  DAR members, children, friends, neighbors, history buffs, veterans, and patriots are always welcome to join us.

Valley Forge Memorial Bell Tower

DAR-maintained historic sites within New York State: 

Genealogical Records

 Location, transcription, and publication of previously unpublished genealogy source records are provided by the Genealogical Records Committee. Copies are provided to:

Revolutionary War Heroine
Margaret Corbin

NY Daughters pay tribute annually to Margaret Corbin, the first woman to receive a military pension.


NY Daughters preserving the history and legacy of General Horatio Gates

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Increase Carpenter Chapter working
to restore the Prospect Cemetery, located in Queens, NY, which contains over 50 American Revolutionary War patriots.