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Daughters of the American Revolution


The DAR supports a variety of different educational programs, contests, and awards. Students are invited to get involved and participate in these different programs. Reference the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution website for useful information and materials about the DAR educational programs for local schools and communities.

New York State Cottages

For over 75 years, New York Daughters have been committed to helping the children at our DAR schools realize their full potential. In addition to the usual DAR School Committee activities (such as monetary contributions, participation in the national school project, Friends of the Schools, collecting labels from Campbell's soups and other Swanson products, donations to thrift shops, and contributions to the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund), the New York Daughters provide financial and material support for three houses at two of the six DAR-supported schools.

At Kate Duncan Smith DAR School, the Aebly-Howland Cottage and the Cuff North/South Duplex Cottage provide on-campus housing for three faculty members.

At Tamassee DAR School, the New York State Cottage provides a home environment for up to ten disadvantaged girls aged six through ten. Chapters become personally involved with the girls by sending them cards and letters, pocket money, birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts. Some chapters donate specific items from the houseparent's "wish list," such as the play gym provided by one chapter in 1999.

New York State Scholarships

The purpose of the DAR Scholarship Committee is to provide ways and means to aid worthy students to attain higher education. NSDAR administers several national scholarships. Many individual states, including New York, and some chapters also offer scholarships.  For information and applications for scholarships provided by the New York State Organization, NSDAR, click on the links, below.


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For additional information, please contact your local DAR chapter.

Helen And Arnold Barben Scholarship

Damaris Smith Desimone Scholarship

New York State DAR Scholarship

Peggy Jo Gifford Scholarship

NY Daughters Furthering Education by Awarding DAR Good Citizens Awards, 

DAR Scholarships, American History Essay Awards, and American Flag Essay Awards